Promotional Van Awnings

Anexe® Pro 1 heavy duty cassette awning offers projections to 3.75m and up to 7m in length with a robust build quality second to none. Bespoke in nature, choosing this promotional van awnings provides the ideal solution for those looking to showcase their brand whilst remaining sheltered from the elements.

Fast operation by a single person means you are set up and ready virtually on arrival to your event.

All Anexe awnings are made to measure and the Anexe® Room side panels can be branded. Sidewalls as standard have pockets to take an optional aluminium hard standing base frame which keeps the sides in place. The corners are sealed with twin keder edges that insert into the corner legs and against the vehicle wall and secured by fixed or removable channel. Optional windows and openings means you can open up your awning to your audience very quickly. Anexe® Pro 1 heavy duty 3.5m & 3.75m spring arms tension the fabric against windy conditions are tested to force 6 (Beaufort scale) or wind class 4.

Anexe® Pro Modular frame awning offers larger projections from 4-6m with an unlimited length. Anexe® Pro Modular frame awnings are built up onto the side of the vehicle creating a continuation of bays connected together. It is possible with this type of awning to wrap right around the vehicle. Tension straps keep the fabric taut and usually a hard standing base frame keeps the panels in place on the ground.

Side and front sheeting can create anything from a temporary mobile showroom, a covered area to launch new products, an exhibition area or a try before you buy area. Branding with graphics is undertaken in house and we can produce a visual of your awning and supply vehicle graphics to match the awning design in house if required.

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My Anexe Pro Modular

Anexe Pro Modular is the ideal large projection vehicle awning solution, they are seen on motorsport and hospitality trucks as well as trailers and some larger vans. It is possible to achieve 8.0m extension away from the vehicle, if vehicle height permits. Pro Modular is built in modules to unlimited lengths, but extension bay systems can go beyond the vehicle or even wrap around the rear to form L shapes or complete all round systems.

Heavy duty use with high wind tolerance
Custom tailored to suit your vehicle
30 PVC Fabric colours
Optional LED lighting installed

My Anexe Pro 4

Anexe Pro 4 is for medium to lighter weight use with integrated support legs for fixing on top of the vehicle roof. Fast to use, the cassette is cranked out or you can choose motor operation. Many van types have special brackets available for this model of vehicle awning. Choose from 2.6m width to 5.5m and extensions from 2.0m to 2.75m. Cassette and fabric colour choices available.

Standard Cassette colours White, Dark Grey or Silver
Horizontally mounted to the roof of most vehicles
Fast to operate by either crank handle or optional motor

My Anexe Pro 1

Anexe Pro 1 is the preferred custom made awning choice by fleets and independent users for vans, trucks, trailers, luxury motorsport & equine vehicles. Strong, reliable and fast, the Pro 1 has unrivalled levels of strength and build quality with wind tolerances up to force 6 ( wind class 3) . Whether you are looking for a vehicle for your business, emergency, exhibition, motorsport or your favourite outdoor pursuit there is a Pro 1 in the making for your vehicle. Key features include:
Heavy duty use with high wind tolerance to force 5
Custom tailored to suit your vehicle and your requirements
Fast to operate by either crank handle or optional motor
Optional side and front enclosures tailored to height


If you’d like a member of our team to give you a call to talk through your requirements just enter your details and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible. Please note that we can only ship our vehicle awnings within the UK.