A robust and practical awning system

As an emergency service provider, you’ll want complete privacy, security and protection while you work. Our emergency service van awnings use the best technology available to provide a robust and practical solution. Quick and reliable to operate, they offer force 5/6 wind resistance to ensure total stability at all times.

Anexe® Pro awnings can be installed on all types of emergency vehicles, including ambulances, fire engines, and police vans. For ambulances, an awning can create an additional medical treatment area, while police officers and firefighters often find that an awning creates a useful briefing space.

Not only can an emergency service van awning provide valuable privacy and shading at the side of your vehicle, but it can also be a great additional feature when attending events. If you’re attending an outdoor event or recruitment drive, a bespoke awning will help your vehicle stand out while creating a shaded area for hosting demonstrations or interacting with the public.

Emergency service van awnings

Durable and versatile

Each one of our emergency service van awnings is custom made in our UK factory, using only the finest components. Both manual crank and built-in motor operation are available, with the added option of integrated LED lighting also a possibility.

The Anexe® Pro 1 is a safe, fast and reliable awning choice for emergency vehicles and can be tailored to many different vehicle types, including containers, van conversions and special bodies. Fabrics are flame retardant as standard and available in 30 colours.

Our emergency vehicle awnings are supplied in a tough powder coated aluminium cassette with high tensile spring-loaded arms, each wind tested to Force 6 (Beaufort scale) and containing rust proof stainless steel fittings. The Anexe® features heavy-duty support legs with weighted steel feet to secure it safely to the ground, coupled with a tension rafter storm bar for added security.


Add front and side enclosures to your emergency service van awning

For added privacy, you can add front and side enclosures to your emergency service van awning. Anexe® Room side and front enclosures easily convert your roof into a room, which can be used as a field support office, briefing room, temporary medical centre, or as a private area out of sight from the public.

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Broadview Vehicle Awning St Johns Ambulance Vehicle Awning

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Broadview Vehicle Awnings - Anexe Pro 1

Anexe Pro 1

A high-quality canopy for those looking for a more sophisticated solution.

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