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All of Broadview’s vehicle awnings offer the ultimate in sun and rain protection... but why not take yours to the next level?

By upgrading your awning with our optional add-ons, you can improve its functionality and aesthetics even further. You can mix and match each option to precisely fit your needs, whether you’re looking for extra space, better stability in blustery conditions, motorised operation, or more.

Take a look at our accessory selection below. To learn more or get a quote, feel free to reach out to our team today - we're happy to guide you through the benefits of each option and help you make the perfect selection.

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Additional Leg and Foot

Create an extra-stable shelter by adding on an additional leg and foot to your awning. This option is particularly useful for longer term stays - for example, if you want to create a shielded dining area next to your catering van.


Motorised Operation

Make your life easier by upgrading to motorised operation! Say goodbye to the hassle of opening and closing your awning manually - with just a press of a button on your remote control, you can extend or retract the fabric in seconds. The system also comes with a manual override for added safety.


Integrated LED Lighting In Arms

No need to wrap up your work early when the sun sets. By upgrading the arms of your awning with integrated LED lighting, you'll have all the illumination you need to keep going all night long. This upgrade is particularly useful for mobile technicians looking to work late and for caterers who want their van to catch eyes even after dark.


Side and Front Closures

Tired of battling harsh winds and rain? Upgrade your awning with side and front closures! Easy to set up, they allow you to create a partial or full enclosure that protects you and your work from whatever the weather throws your way. When you're done, you can take them down and fold them away with ease. Add branded graphics (as mentioned below) to turn them into mobile advertisements!


Side Sheet Graphics

Don’t let your awning’s marketing potential go to waste - get your business’s name out there by adding branded graphics to your side sheets! We can boost your business's visibility by printing your logo in high-definition, no matter its colour or design. Our professional finish is sure to catch the eyes of potential customers wherever you go.


Carport Extension

Do you need extra space for your work? Our carport extension is wide enough to shield large vehicles from snow or rain while you work on them, making it the ideal upgrade for both mobile technicians and motorsports businesses alike.


Heavy 15 kg Foot Upgrade

Give yourself extra peace of mind by upgrading to our heavy-duty 15 kg foot. Built to withstand the strongest winds, it's especially recommended for wider awnings with extended projections.


Storm Rafter Bar

Perfect if you’ll be out working in stormy weather, our storm rafter bar provides extra structural integrity to prevent your awning fabric from bending or flapping in the wind.


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At Broadview, we take pride in customising each awning down to the smallest detail. After you get in touch with us, we’ll work closely with you to design, supply, and install an awning that perfectly meets your specific needs. Whether you prefer to add just one extra feature or go all out with every option, we’ll make sure your awning matches exactly what you have in mind.

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