With our extensive range of vehicle awnings, we are able to assist both large and smaller independent mobile windscreen specialists with undercover working solutions in order to transform their business. Investing in an Anexe Pro vehicle awning system on average pays for itself in just 10 wet weather days by allowing you to work through all weather conditions.

 On average Windscreen Technicians in the UK lose £39,875 due to 145 wet weather days.

Windscreen Technicians Broadview Vehicle Awnings

Working whatever the weather has all the benefits you would expect right?


Increased productivity & morale


Increase customer satisfaction


Increase revenue and profit

Can you change windscreens in the rain?

  • Do you cancel work due to wet weather?
  • Is this costly and inconvenient to you and your customers?
  • Do you realise the overall cost to your business?

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Broadview Vehicle Awnings - Anexe Pro 1

Anexe Pro 1

The ideal canopy for those looking for a more sophisticated solution.

Broadview Vehicle Awnings - Pro Technician

Pro Technician

The perfect canopy for windscreen repair and valeting companies.