Autoglaze specialise in repairing and refitting car windows (specifically windscreens and rear windshields). They can be called out to any location to attend a job, in any weather. 

Because of this, Autoglaze approached Broadview Vehicle Awnings to come up with a solution that would help them protect cars whilst working on them, keeping them sheltered and dry even when in remote locations. 

We were tasked with creating an awning for an Autoglaze repair van, providing a large, covered space with plenty of headroom, in order to completely cover any cars being worked on. Essentially, the aim was to create a mobile garage that would be easy for Autoglaze employees to pull out and use, no matter where they were. 

It was important to create a large amount of usable space whilst designing a bespoke awning that would protect from rain and withstand windy conditions. Often, Autoglaze have to fully remove car windshields as part of their work, so it was important that the interior of the car would be completely protected, and all materials kept dry.


Broadview van awning for autoglaze
van awning for mobile technician from Broadview


The Solution

Broadview fitted a large awning in a durable, protective cassette to the top of Autoglaze’s Ford Transit van, securing it to a bespoke roof bar fixing system for stability and storage. 

The awning measures 4.3 m wide, providing a large amount of functional space whilst working with the dimensions of the van. It has a 3.75 m projection which is self-supported and does not require any additional props. 

Made from high-grade PVC, in neutral colours that fit in with the company’s branding, the awning offers protection against the rain for both the car and the technician. 

It was incredibly important that a single person would be able to manage the awning by themselves, extending and retracting it at the roadside and in customer’s driveways. To facilitate this, we equipped the awning with a simple, manual system that can be smoothly winched out using a crank handle.

white cassette for autoglaze van awning
white Ford van awning for Autoglaze


The Results

The awning created a highly functional space alongside the Autoglaze van, making it easy for the technician to work on the car without exposing their equipment, or the vehicle, to the elements.  

By equipping the van with such a large awning space, Broadview have made sure that Autoglaze can continue to work on a range of vehicles, from small to large cars. 

Creating a secure space to work will help the Autoglaze team take on more jobs and work confidently across the seasons, whilst also reassuring customers that their vehicles will be protected and taken care of.

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