Hamilton Awning

If you work from a van, whatever the trade, a vehicle awning can help with your livelihood. Our experts explain how awnings can assist a commercial tradesman.

Vehicle awnings make great additions to vans, for a number of reasons. If you’re a commercial tradesman who wants to work for longer, during any weather, read on to find out how awnings can help with your business.

Work in all weathers

The primary advantage of having an awning on your vehicle is that it offers shade from the sun when it’s hot, and shelter from the rain when it’s cold. Given the unpredictability of British weather, it’s good to be covered for every eventually – literally – as work is easier to be carried out without the interruption of rain, wind or even blazing sunshine.

Make a visual statement

A vehicle awning can advertise your business whilst you’re out on the road. It can attract people out and about who wouldn’t have seen your business otherwise, and with Broadview, we offer bespoke designs for your awning to make it stand out from the crowd. If you’d like a colourful awning with your logo emblazoned on it, we can tailor it to your brand, to give your business a unique boost.

Work in the dark

It goes without saying that tradesmen require adequate light in order to complete their work efficiently. You don’t want to be cutting your working day short simply because it’s hard to complete tasks, but vehicle awnings can enable you to work long into the dark: we fit LED lighting into awnings so that you can work whatever the time of day.

Kit out a fleet

If you’ve got a fleet of vehicles that you want kitted out with the same tailored awnings, then Broadview can help with that too. We can fit the same style of awnings with the same logos across them onto a series of vans, giving your fleet a cohesive and professional feel, whichever vehicle is out on the road.

Find out more about our van awnings today, contact our team on 01202 679012 to discuss your requirements.