New Fiat Ducato 2021

Fiat have announced their plans for the 2021 version of their large van - the Ducato - which sees a sweeping modernisation of features that will bring any van driver into the 21st century. This tech comes in the forms of both software and hardware - enhancing performance, connectivity, safety and practicality to provide an all-round upgrade.

You’ll find that there are four options available for purchase, from Standard at the low end to Business Edition at the high end, which greatly influences the number of features. The standard build starts at £27,005.

New and Improved Tech

The most significant changes brought alongside the 2021 model Ducato are in its technological features. You’ll find new features across the board, that will benefit you both on and off the job - ranging from safety protocols to entertainment.

All models come with Uconnect’s ‘infotainment’ system, which operates via a touchscreen located on the dash – this is available with 10, seven or five inch display depending on the specific model of your van. DAB Radio,

Bluetooth and USB connection are included as standard, while the Business Edition benefits from the 10 inch touch screen as well as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and an inbuilt Tom-Tom 3D sat nav.

With the Business Edition, this is all included within the ‘Full Digital Cockpit’ which comes as standard with this version. Here you’ll find traditional analogue instruments have been replaced by a revolutionary fully customisable digital interface.

This is only the beginning of the Ducato’s intelligent features, which is the first light commercial vehicle ever to achieve level two autonomous driving status. This gives it the ability to speed up, slow down or even steer for you in very limited circumstances – and the feature is fully togglable so you remain firmly in control throughout your driving experience.

Additional smart features include Crosswind Assist and Trailer Stability Control, which allow you to maintain peace of mind that you’re in control, even in the toughest conditions.

Fiat demonstrate that they have their clientele’s needs in mind, by implementing air suspension that can be lowered at the rear for easy loading and unloading, perfect for manual working.

A new generation of engines

The 2021 Ducato sees an all-new engine, ditching the previous model’s 2.3L Fiat engines for a new and improved model that they call the ‘Multijet3 turbo’.

Heavily influenced by the BlueHDi motors developed by Citroen and Peugeot, this 2.2L model offers improved stats across the board. Reports have mentioned more durability, more flexibility and less noise, meaning that you can benefit from increased confidence in the functionality of the engine, as well as reduced maintenance costs due to less frequent garage visits.

In addition, the Multijet3 is offered with four varying power levels, in 20 hp increments from 120bhp to 180bhp - meaning that you can choose an appropriate power level for your commercial needs.

Van Awnings

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