Personalise Your Vehicle Awning

Personalise Your Vehicle Awning

Did you know you can customise your vehicle awning with a range of excellent accessories and bespoke design options? Our vehicle awning experts share their top tips for how you can use personalisation to really make the most of your awning. 

1)    Choose a bespoke vehicle awning 

When you’re looking for a personalised vehicle awning, always choose an experienced and reputable company that can supply you with a custom made commercial grade vehicle awning solution that’s made to the exact measurement of your vehicle. Not only will this ensure your bespoke awning fits your vehicle properly, whether that’s a van, truck, trailer, motorhome or lorry, you’ll also be sure the awning extends to the ideal width and projection for your needs.  

2)    Personalise the awning with your branding

A vehicle awning that’s personalised with your company’s branding adds brand value aswell as tells your customers you are both professional and trustworthy. It also means you’ll be advertising your services as you work, perfect for catching the eye of any potential passing trade. At Broadview, all our vehicle awnings can be branded almost however you want with the inclusion of your logo, an image, your business’ name, contact details written in a specific font or various colour shades  UV printing or CAD cut Truck side vinyls. Awning Cassette box colours can be powder coating to your brands RAL colour scheme which tone with your vehicle. 

3)    Add built-in LED lighting

One of the most popular personalisation features here at Broadview is adding integrated LED lights to your vehicle awning. By having lights built into the frame of the awning, not only can you see better on dull days or dark nights, ideal for tradesmen working on tricky parts, but it also helps you to be seen, increasing the safety of you and your clients. 

4)    Opt for personalised side panels 

Another fantastic way you can personalise your vehicle awning is to invest in matching side panels. Side panels let you completely enclose the space right next to your vehicle which can then be used for any number of purposes, from creating a showstopping showroom and private hang-out spot to a workshop that’s sheltered from weather so you never lose a day of trade again. Add side panels with zip up doors and windows! 

Broadview Vehicle Awnings has over 50 years’ experience supplying and fitting vehicle awnings to a whole host of different vehicles in various industries, including trade, motorsport, equestrian and exhibitions. If you’d like to learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact the Broadview team today on 01202 679012.