Motorsport Awning Fitting

At Broadview Vehicle Awnings, we supply bespoke-designed awnings to a huge range of sectors, including the motorsport sector. We’ve worked with some incredibly exciting brands, and have been able to produce a number of beautiful, striking awnings using their respective branding.

Not only do our bespoke vehicle awnings put your brand’s name up in lights, but also provide crucial utility space on show days or race days. Keep your expensive vehicles and machinery safe and dry with one of our bespoke awnings.

Read on to find out more about the work we’ve completed with prominent clients in the motorsport sector, as well as how to get in contact with our experts to make an enquiry.

Ford Rallye Sport

As part of Ford Rallye Sport’s promotional activity, they approached Broadview Vehicle Awnings about producing a bespoke awning in the style of their iconic rally vehicles.

As motorsport enthusiasts ourselves this was an incredibly exciting job, and ended with the production of an unmistakably distinct Ford Rally awning.

All parties were delighted with the final result, and the awning will now form a crucial part of their promotional campaign.

Ford Rallye Sport Awning

Kawasaki Motocross

Recently, Kawasaki Motocross enlisted our services to create a large vehicle awning to assist on race days.

A world-renowned motorcycle manufacturer, Kawasaki needed a large space to protect their motocross bikes from adverse weather. Our vehicle awnings are designed and manufactured to be both stylish and sturdy, more than capable of keeping expensive vehicles and equipment dry and clean.

Kawasaki Motocross Awning

British Truck Racing

Adding another type of motorsport to our client base, Broadview Vehicle Awnings were recently tasked with producing awnings for the British Truck Racing circuit.

This produced a different challenge for the team as the dimensions were very different to a usual job, having to make space for a lorry cab.

Racing trucks are extremely valuable having been engineered specifically for the track - we were happy to provide an awning to keep the trucks and their valuable parts safe and dry.

British Truck Racing Awning

For more information on our vehicle awnings for the motorsport sector, contact our team on 01202 679012.