Vehicle Awning Uses

Vehicle Awning Uses

Wonderfully versatile and fully customisable, vehicle awnings can be used for any number of purposes that is limited only by your imagination. As Broadview is a leading supplier and installer of quality vehicle awnings, our team have seen their fair share of imaginative uses and they share their favourites with you below. 

1)    Pro 1 creates a mobile café 

Our large Anexe Pro 1   is fast to use with simple crank handle operation or operated by pressing the switch with integrated motor. Our clients have taken full advantage of this and created undercover dining areas, complete with side panels and windows, right next to the catering trailer to ensure customers had a fabulous time, were protected from the elements and left remembering their brand. 

2)    An outstanding showroom at an event 

Vehicle awnings are a popular choice for businesses hoping to stand out from the crowd at events. With a customised awning that boasts your brand colours, logo and name, your stand is much more likely to catch the eye of all those potential passing customers than a standard display. Lots of our clients use the sheltered space their vehicle awning provides to create showstopping showrooms that entice customers in and allows them to interact with their brand  first hand. 

3)    All-weather workspace 

The Anexe Pro Technician awning is a fantastic choice for those who work directly out of their vans, such as windscreen replacement technicians, mobile mechanics and plumbers. The awning creates a dedicated area that’s sheltered from the elements right next to where your tools and equipment are stored. This means you can carry on working no matter the weather, and users always see a fast return on their investment with bad weather downtime being minimised.

4)    Chill out zone for busy racers 

Another fantastic use for a vehicle awning motorsport trucks and motorsport motorhomes. Creating an area of quiet and relaxation amid busy, high adrenaline surroundings and being able to work on motorcycles, motocross bikes, race karts or race cars or simply to entertain sponsors. When at a sporting event, such as motor racing, it’s important racer and crew have a place to go to prepare for the upcoming event and somewhere to wind down afterwards and a vehicle awning provides the perfect space for just that as well as promotes sponsors with branded awnings.

5)    Sheltered area for excited horses 

It’s not just motorsports that benefit from a horse box awning. Those in the equine industry have used their vehicle awning to protect rider and horse alike from intense sunshine and heavy downpours. It also gives you valuable additional space right outside your horsebox in which to sort and prepare tack, riding kit and a place to unwind and socialise with friends between events. 

At Broadview, we design, supply and install a wide range of premium-quality van awnings suitable for a range of vehicles, as well as, motorsport, equine, trade and utility, recreation and events. To learn more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling 01202 679012 today.