Built in Britain

My Anexe Pro 3

from £611 + VAT
  • Lighter to medium weight use
  • Vertically mounted to the side wall of most vehicles and on special bracket for certain van types.
  • Standard size awnings 2.6m, 3.0m, 3.5m, 4.0m, 4.5m, 5.0m, 5.5m and with 2.5m projection
  • Fast to operate by either crank handle or optional motor
  • Standard Cassette colours white, anthracite dark grey or silver
  • White Sand Fabric colour.
  • Optional Graphics
  • Mounting options for most vehicles

Anexe Pro 3 is medium to lighter weight use with integrated support legs for flat side fixing. Choose from 2.6m width to 5.5m and extensions from 2.0m to 2.75m. Fast to use the cassette is cranked out or choose motor operation. Cassette and fabric colour choices available.

It is unlikely as the vehicle awning is installed via special roof mounting brackets above the roof line to allow the sliding door to operate without obscuring the awning. Most vans today have the sliding door right to the top of the roofline, however it is perfectly feasible to install a vehicle awning to a roof rack that is already fitted and this is really easy to do. We can provide you with guidance on this in order to provide you with a strong mounting.
Yes, we provide a special roof mounting kit that will convert your ranch bars or otherwise known as styling bars to allow the vehicle awning to install without the need for drilling into the vehicle. Sometimes, smaller vans have these styling bars such as the Renault Trafic Vauxhall Vivaro & Mercedes Vito vans.
You don’t need special tools to install a vehicle awning, however, fitting an awning to a vehicle requires practical skills and a technical approach to avoid potential problems. In many instances the locations of the fixing brackets and knowledge of the load implications on the vehicle panels is necessary. We accommodate different configurations and options using fixings manufactured and installed to a high safety standard. Installation can be carried out by you, although we recommend that we do this for you. Instructions are provided, however no guarantees are given for poor installations carried out by others.
In some cases we can come to you, however depending on the vehicle it may be a factory fit only option which will be required to take place at our base in Dorset. With regards to vehicle surveying, we have technical information on all panel vans, most motorhomes and trailers, so surveying may not be necessary. Other vehicles not included can be surveyed but a detailed measuring sheet is available upon request.

Our wind out Anexe van awning takes up less space in the vehicle when travelling than an ezi-up type canopy systems does. The Anexe Roof closes up any gap between the van and your shelter, as it install directly to the van roof. With an instant shelter tent, there remains a gap between the tent and the van, where water can come into the sliding door etc. Although the build is light-weight, often 2 people are required to open these types of gazebo systems.
We only use M2 standard flame retardant vinyl fabric. A fire regulation certificate is available on request with your awning and if you attend shows may be asked for.
  • Choose your cassette and arm colour from our standard range at no extra cost (Silver, White, Antracite).
  • 30 Fabric colours to choose ( see separate fabric selector)
  • Optional 2.75m projection
  • Tailored skirting to suit your vehicle
  • Graphics for your awning- Either applied CAD cut solid colour truck vinyl graphics can be applied in all popular colours in house or printing is offered for digitally created graphics to create stunning high impact branded concepts
  • A variety of fixing brackets in the vertical position either to wall or specific van types


If you’d like a member of our team to give you a call to talk through your requirements just enter your details and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible. Please note that we can only ship our vehicle awnings within the UK.