Volkswagen T6 Van

The owner of this Volkwagen T6 Van, an avid explorer, approached Broadview Vehicle Awnings for an awning solution to match their adventurous lifestyle - to act as an extra work space and smewhere to spread out and relax.


The proud owner of this beautiful Volkwagen T6 Van entrusted Broadview Vehicle Awnings to come up with a vehicle awning solution to his need for being constantly on the move for work purposes. The client often finds himself travelling in off-grid, remote environments with his the van and therefore required a heavy duty, strong vehicle awning to match their lifestyle, that was also was fast and simple to operate. In addition to the attraction of using the vehicle to explore places that are not that accessible in a standard van, adding a work space and somewhere to spread out when stationary was also important.


We worked conjunction with the client to create a solution that was heavy duty with a high wind tolerance to be able to cope with rugged environments. In the end it was agreed that the Anexe Pro 1 would be the perfect soluton. Anexe Pro 1 is the preferred custom made vehicle awning choice by independant van users due to it's strong, reliable and fast capabilities. It has unrivalled levels of strength and build quality with wind tolerances up to force 6 ( wind class 3).

The result was a fast deployable vehicle awning, designed specifically to blend in with the grey colour scheme and match the rugged 4 x 4 off-road image of the van - unllike most other commercially based vehicle awnings, this client did not need his new awning to also double up as a promotional tool for a brand. The results matched the clients specifications exactly.


The client was extremely happy with the finished look of his new vehicle awning, stating that it is perfectly fit for purpose and that they will not only be taking making use of it in the usual off-grid spots here in the UK, but that his new extremely tough vehicle awning has given him the confidence to travel abroad with his VW Van.


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