We were recently approached by the NHS MELISSA project to help expand the usable workspace available to their converted double-decker bus.

The MELISSA bus is a mobile training facility and education centre. It travels to seminars, conferences, schools, recruitment fairs and events to educate and inspire new generations about the range of jobs available in the NHS.

Our challenge was to create a large sheltered space around the outside of the vehicle that could be used for educational displays and practical activities, whatever the weather.

For the NHS to get the most out of their new mobile facility, it was important to create as much functional space as possible. We were tasked with adding multiple awnings to accommodate this.

awning for NHS bus
awning for bus


The Solution

Broadview added two large retractable awnings, one on either side of the bus, to greatly expand on the amount of covered space available.

For the awning material, we used heavy-duty, flame-retardant PVC to ensure a weatherproof environment and a durable, reliable shelter.

We used RAL colour-matched blue hardware to maintain the strong, recognisable brand presence of the MELISSA bus, creating a cohesive colour scheme across the vehicle.

The PVC awning was also colour matched - a service that we can provide for any custom colour scheme.

To create additional privacy and protection from the elements, we enhanced the awning with optional side and front panels. When unrolled, these will create huge rooms allowing for the bus to be utilised in a number of different ways.

All of the elements were fitted at our factory in Poole, where we also added heavy-duty legs, rafters and a hard-standing kit. These will ensure that the awning system remains strong in all weather, including strong winds and rainy conditions.

The Results

The two side awnings provide a large, protected, training environment, allowing for plenty of different events and training opportunities to take place at the MELISSA bus.

The awnings are also easy to retract and store, making it possible for the mobile vehicle to move around the UK and attend different functions.

The NHS Team were very pleased with what we had provided. As a result, we’ve now been tasked with similar projects on both single decker and double decker buses for the NHS.

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