"Broadview has excelled in providing a bespoke shading solution for this model which offers our customer the ultimate in luxury"

The world’s largest privately owned manufacturer of luxury motor yachts, Sunseeker International, appointed Broadview to design and supply a number of awnings for the sun decks of Sunseeker’s ultimate luxury motor yacht, the 37 Metre Trideck.

The 37 Metre Trideck Yacht is the largest semicustom motor yacht ever to be built in the UK at just under 124 feet and 200 tonnes. To ensure owners get maximum usage and enjoyment out of the space on the upper and main decks, Sunseeker required a suitable shading solution that could be offered as an option to prospective buyers.


The yacht offers four decks of unsurpassed luxury, setting a new standard in an extremely discerning market. Recognising that the purchase of such a high-end product should be partnered with the most exquisite accessories, Broadview set about designing and manufacturing a bespoke awning which was both elegant, in keeping with the overall product, yet provided a functional and strong installation which could cope with the extreme elements out at sea in strong winds.

The awnings have been constructed using a combination of Broadview and Brustor components and pass the German TUV quality assurance. Each awning is fitted with a silent 24v DC motor which is wired into the Sunseeker electrical system via a momentary switch for safety reasons. To ensure the product efficiently withstands windy conditions, Brustor B28 arms have been fitted and the cables in the arms have been rubber-coated. The product has a compact and fully closed awning casing which excels not only aesthetically but also technically and is made of corrosion-resistant, powdercoated aluminium. All components are made of stainless steel and the completely enclosed box protects the awning mechanisms and fabric, which is a special marine grade waterproof acrylic canvas, from the weather at sea.


In working closely with Sunseeker, Broadview has created a bespoke product which achieved the aesthetic and environmental requirements in accordance with the relevant safety features. Sunseeker International has now completed production on the third and fourth custom made motor yachts in this boat range. Three Broadview awnings have been installed on the sun decks on each of these prestigious yachts, which have been delivered to Mexico and North America. The awnings have been installed on the sky deck, where there’s a large hot tub and space for sun loungers and a dining area, making it the ideal place to enjoy good weather and stunning views, as well as the main decks on both of these yachts..

Sunseeker Boat Awning
Sunseeker Boat Awning


“We appointed Broadview because the company has already accomplished a tremendous job in supplying a number of bespoke awnings for the smaller performance motor yachts, the Sunseeker Predator. In relation to the Trideck, Broadview has excelled in providing a bespoke shading solution for this model which offers our customer the ultimate in luxury. The service and technical support has been faultless and as a result of effective communication regarding delivery schedules it has ensured that these motor yachts have been ready to deadline.”

Stefan Whitmarsh – Sunseeker International