Brayden Elliot is an Australian professional motorcycle racer currently competing in the British Superstock 1,000cc Championship. Brayden’s successful motorcycling career has not come without its knockbacks – with plenty of broken bones and an induced coma a huge part of his career journey. Through all of his setbacks, Brayden developed a mantra – BELIEVE – and that’s what encompasses his brand today.

Anexe Extension
Anexe Extension for Brayden Elliott


Broadview’s Anexe Systems are perfect for racers


With Broadview’s ability to custom design vehicle awnings in-house, we were approached by Brayden to produce a branded Anexe system for his van. The vehicle awning would showcase Brayden’s branding, and that of his partners, while providing enough room for Brayden’s bike and team. We completed this last year, and now we’ve been tasked with adding a 3m modular extension.

In addition to offering unparalleled technical performance, the Broadview Anexe System offers the option to add additional modular sections at a later date. All of these modules can be designed with logos by our in-house design team, and printed on the awning fabric. The fabric is then supported by modular frames, which can be put up and taken down when needed.

Brayden’s 3m Anexe extension will provide his team with additional room to carry out work on his bike, while also ensuring the team has a sturdy place in which to congregate on race and training days.

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Broadview’s Anexe systems aren’t just the perfect product for racers and their teams. With the option to fully customise the awning with logos and brand themes, and add modular sections to create the ideal space for mechanical work or staff areas, there’s a reason why Broadview’s vehicle awnings are the leading choice for van owners working in all industries. Speak to our sales team about your awning on 01202 679012.