Auto Windscreens is the only replacement windscreen specialist with its own manufacturing operation, producing 250,000 windscreens a year. With a large fleet of  mobile fitting units, AW  provides a national service to more than 750,000 private and corporate customers every year.

Auto Windscreens wanted its engineers to be able to repair and replace damaged glass 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The only major drawback to this was the UK weather. Undeterred, AW decided to investigate ways in which to adapt its fleet of mobile fitting units to provide the service in all weather conditions.


Following consultation with Auto Windscreens technicians, Broadview proposed the installation of an innovative, all-weather awning system to the fleet of AW vehicles as a means of significantly reducing the number of working days lost due to adverse weather conditions. Deployed in just under six minutes, the awning projects four metres from the side of the AW vehicle from a compact 30cm (depth) by 18.2cm (height) unit which runs the length of the van, allowing a vehicle to drive underneath for repair. Manufactured from a robust powder coated aluminium framework with stainless steel components, the product has a vinyl PVC reinforced fabric cover. From initial consultation, it took just four weeks to establish a suitable product design. Following the manufacturing and installation process, the product was piloted during a six week period to ensure that the retractable awning created a completely dry environment and could accommodate small to medium sized vehicles.


A first for the UK’s automotive glazing industry!! The Broadview under-cover manual awning is an innovative solution to ensure that working days are not lost due to inclement weather conditions. As a result, Auto Windscreen vehicles are now fully equipped to repair and replace damaged vehicle glass 24/7. The awning system has been rolled out to Auto Windscreen’s 145 sites across the country and enables the company to provide a service that is right first time, every time.

Auto Windscreens Awning
Auto Windscreens Awning


“Following product trials with AW technicians, it was revealed that the Broadview product was an essential and valuable piece of equipment. The workload of our technicians at five different sites showed that the product was used in 212 out of a total of 280 working days. Before we had Broadview’s awning system we had to wait for the rain to hold off or bring vehicles back to site before replacing windscreens, causing frustration to both our customers and technicians. In the past we had to re-arrange glass replacement appointments again and again because of the weather. As a result of working with Broadview, we now have the ability to respond 24/7 whatever the weather.”

Chris Bonsall – Technical Manager at Auto Windscreens