We are a premium supplier of specialist shading solutions to a number of industry sectors and domestic markets based in Poole, Dorset. Our vehicle awnings division designs, supplies and installs a wide range of premium-quality vehicle awnings suitable for a range of vehicles, as well as, motorsport, equine, trade and utility and events.

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Anexe Awnings are made to suit exact requirements of the user and the vehicle in terms of size and specific customer needs. Simply advise us what vehicle you have and its intended use and we can recommend the perfect all weather solution.
All Anexe vehicle awnings have the option of enclosures to form a room system.
For the Anexe Cassette Vehicle Awning you can either have a manual crank handle to wind out the awning or choose electric motor. The Anexe Cassette vehicle awnings are single handed operation by a single person. Modular Frame awnings are built up onto the side of the vehicle from profiles and the panels insert into them. These require minimum of 2 persons.
Due to the Anexe being a custom made heavy duty vehicle awning to suit the individuals needs it is not available as an online purchase unlike some standard lightweight domestic leisure awnings. Each order is therefore carefully made by hand in our UK factory in the Poole and Bournemouth areas of Dorset to your specific requirements.
Yes we can brand your vehicle awning with digital print or vinyl graphics or screen print to your Anexe. We also offer truck and van graphics as part of our in house set up.
It is unlikely as the awning is installed via special roof mounting brackets above the roof line to allow the sliding door to operate without obscuring the awning. Most vans today have the sliding door right to the top of the roofline. However it is perfectly feasible to install to a roof rack already fitted and its easy to do. We can give guidance on this will give a strong mounting.
Yes we provide a special roof mounting kit that will convert your ranch bars or otherwise known as styling bars to allow the awning to install without the need for drilling into the vehicle to install. Sometimes smaller vans have these styling bars such as Renault Trafic Vauxhall Vivaro & Mercedes Vito vans.
You don’t need special tools to install. However, fitting an awning to a vehicle requires practical skills and a technical approach to avoid potential problems. In many instances the locations of the fixing brackets and knowledge of the load implications on the vehicle panels is necessary. We accommodate different configurations and options using fixings manufactured and installed to a high Safety Standard. Installation can be carried out by you although we recommend that we do this for you. Instructions are provided however no guarantees are given for poor installations carried out by others.
In some cases we can come to you however depending on the vehicle and if tailoring of the custom made awning side sheets is necessary then this is a factory fit only option at our base in Dorset. For surveying the vehicle we have technical information and templates on all panel vans, most motorhomes & trailers so there is no need to survey. Other vehicles can be perhaps be surveyed. A detailed measuring sheet is available on request. Our wind out Anexe van awning takes up less space in the vehicle when travelling than an ezi-up type canopy systems do. The Anexe Roof closes any gap between the van and your shelter as it install directly to the van roof. With an instant shelter tent there remains a gap between tent and van where water can come into the sliding door etc. Although the build is light weight often 2 people are require to open these gazebo systems.
We only use M2 standard flame retardant vinyl fabric. A fire regulation certificate is available on request with your awning and if you attend shows may be asked for.
Our Anexe roll out cassette awning for horseboxes will cover up to 3.75m away from the lorry. With awning side sheets and using “penning dividers” we can create an area for you and your horses under one roof.
For these large span awnings with projections of 5m plus we recommend our Modular Frame system. Ideal for teams where you may have to entertain sponsors in one area and accommodate mechanics and riders in another. Because these are made in modules an unlimited length is possible along the truck and even around the rear is possible. Door openings and window panels are standard and ground rails will clamp it to the ground.
We can offer a range of 30 options and vary colours for 2 tone effect. Using our in house fabric printing we can overprint any branding and logos and achieve exact colours if required.
Yes we offer a standard vehicle awning brackets for flat sided vehicles (E.g. race trucks and horseboxes). For other types we often use special brackets which vary from eg VW Crafter or Mercedes Sprinter to Ford Transit or Iveco Daily for example.
A specification sheet is available and we can advise on the weight of your vehicle awning on request.
The Anexe awning comes with support legs and these are recommended to be used. The Anexe heavy duty can free support however with side enclosures fitted requires the support legs to be in place.
Our Anexe heavy duty is a very robust awning. The 3.5m + arms are tested to withstand Force 6 (Beaufort scale). Rain will run off the awning as we set an angle of between 5 % 35 degrees from back to front depending on the mounting height.
The wind out roof takes just a minute or two. The Anexe room enclosures can be an extra 10 minutes.
Yes mainly to most vehicles, however on some car based vans that isn't possible as they are too small and too low.
Just multiply the width x the projection and it will give you the square metres. The Anexe is an ideal work and hobby covered solution.We can offer solutions to completely cover the car in inclement weather from just a small van like a Vivaro or small Ford Transit.
The legs store inside with the side rafter bars. These are spliced in halves to reduce length. If you have opted for enclosures these are in a carry sack averagely 1.2m x 0.4m x 0.4m.
If the vehicle is a special build it is ideal to add strengthening behind the vehicle walls prior to bracket mounting. Vans with steel or fibreglass roofs will require backing plates provided with the awning on the inside and some times ply reinforcing is recommended. Other wise there is no other preparation required before installing the awning.

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